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ProMedicum guest house is a cosy bed and breakfast accomodation in the city of Veszprém. We have 6 double rooms with bathroom. 


Dental Lab

My name is Nevelits Laszlo, head of the dental lab

From the very beginning , we proposed to attain speed, relaiability, high standards and beauty.

We work with high quality materials, as we consider it vitally important that our products are of superior quality.

Our employess continuously attend training courses in order to further expand their skills and deepen their knowledge.

Due to the fact that the technicians and dentists work closely together in the same building we are able to cooperate with one another as a team. As a result, we can complete treatment in 30% less time compared to the average.


Gammat free technologie

Belle Glass

BelleGlass HP heat-and-presure processed polymer glass truly represents a new class in dental restorative  matierals. Its the low wear/high strength material of choice for the laboratory fabrication of exceptionally esthetic inlays,onlays, crowns and bridges. Bell glass is an extremely workable material, ideal for building in excellent anatomical detail. Hp  restorations can be highly characterized and precisely shaded, making each a work of art. HP opalescence  and translucency compare favorably with all-ceramic material, and the high  flexural strenth of belle Glass achieves much greater fracture resistance than un supported porcelain


Zirconia is the oldest and most abundant element in the earth’s crust and it is the base for zirconium di oxide (yttrium oxide stabilized zirconium oxide). This firstclass-performance material was successfully used for more than 20 years-for example in hip surgery and it is now also available for the dental industry. Due to its excellent health-friendly characteristics, zirconia is nowadays the preferred material of modern dental restorations among dental ceramic materials available today.

  • Product Info – CAD/CAM System 5-TEC
  • System components:
  • Computer driven 5-axes milling unit M5 with 2 milling handpieces
  • Fully automated optical scanner S600
  • Scan-, modeling- and milling software
  • Personal computer with screen

Promedicum Dental Center

8200 Veszprém, Nárcisz utca 2.

+36 88 444 644

+36 30 9463 145



N 47° 5′ 17,74″
E 17° 54′ 22,7″