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ProMedicum guest house is a cosy bed and breakfast accomodation in the city of Veszprém. We have 6 double rooms with bathroom. 


Zirconia, prosthetics in a new dimension - 100% white

Fully metal-free prosthesis, high stability, high bending strength, high precision and aesthetics. During the preparation of the precision imprint, the virtual chassis is made computerized by a complicated software. Based on this "virtual frame" the zirconium oxide frame is made. The vase of wrinkled dentures is 5 microns accurate. (The average finishing of a conventional metal ceramic crown is 50-80 microns.) The zirconium crown does not contain metal, so it will be translucent and vibrant as the natural tooth. The zircon gives the most durable, translucent and therefore the most beautiful denture technology possible.

We now give teeth whitening at least 8 zirconium crowns. The gift value is 32,000 HUF.

Promedicum Dental Center

8200 Veszprém, Nárcisz utca 2.

+36 88 444 644

+36 30 9463 145



N 47° 5′ 17,74″
E 17° 54′ 22,7″