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According to the spirit of our time there is the growing wish for beautiful, straight teeth and so thus for orthodontic treatments. Naturally the aim of orthodontics resides not only within the aesthetic area but there are also functional and biomechanical claims that need to be answered.

Tooth or jaw disorder can orthodonticly be corrected. Tooth displacements can be detected at children of 6-7 years for the first time. This is the moment when the first remaining teeth break through. Parents are often alarmed when instead of the nice regular primary dentition seemingly too big teeth break through that appear to have no place and seem to stand irregularly. Now the time has come to consult an orthodontist, a specialist for braces. Mostly there is not only a crowding of the row of teeth but also the relation from the upper jaw to the lower jaw is shifted and thus the patient has a wrong occlusion which also has to be corrected. Like this there are not only aesthetic problems but also functional ones. But most of the disorder can be well corrected with various braces, of course when regularly used.

Braces are divided into two groups

  • removable and
  • fixed braces

Removable braces

For orthodontic treatment of children, it is important to optimally influence the formation of the alveole and the jaw, for benefiting the development of a coordinated and aesthetic masticatory apparatus. Furthermore bad gulp and bite habits need to be eliminated. This is primarily attained with removable braces in this age group.These braces are very comfortable for children. Mostly they are only applied in the night or sometimes a few hours during the day. They consist of coloured acrylate that is reinforced with metal plates and wires.

Fixed braces

In the case of teeth which have already broken through and remaining teeth, the so called fixed braces are already in the run. The treatment consists of therapy of the upper and lower jaw with the aid of Multi-Band-braces. These consist of brackets that are glued to the teeth and that are linked with metal arches. In this treatment it often comes to the combination of these braces and the extraction of teeth because the lack of space cannot be handled in any other way. The used material for these brackets can be metal, synthetic, porcelain or even special kinds of crystal.

Also adults are treated with these methods. Adult patients often wish that the braces could be hardly or not visible during daytime. For this purpose the following solutions can be considered: In the case of slight displacements a removable brace is applicable. Moreover brackets made out of aesthetic material can be applied, like porcelain or crystal. Furthermore there is the possibility of invisible braces.

We offer:

  •    Removable dental braces
  •     Fixed dental braces
  •         Metal appliances
  •         Aesthetic (Clarity and ICE)
  •         Damon system

Promedicum Dental Center

8200 Veszprém, Nárcisz utca 2.

+36 88 444 644

+36 30 9463 145



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