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ProMedicum guest house is a cosy bed and breakfast accomodation in the city of Veszprém. We have 6 double rooms with bathroom. 


Why us?

Be more than our patient. Be our guest.

Having a dental treatment in a foreign country, far away from your home and safety must be a hard decision. We all at ProMedicum dentistry put a special emphasis on the personal requests of our patients. Undoubtedly the biggest benefit of dental tourism is cost savings. Hungary is the  most popular dental tourist destination in Europe. The dentists in Hungary generally  have a good reputation, and most of the Hungarian dentistries provide very high quality services.

We offer you more than that. We assure you that you will have a pleasant, stress-free  stay in our country and that you can enjoy the world famous  Hungriaan hospitality.

Travel to Hungary

Since Hungary has joined the EU many low budget airlines have started to provide easier and cheaper access to Hungary directly from bigger European cities. One of the most reliable way to check them is www.edreams.com/flights/cheap-flights/

Upon request we provide you with a V.I.P. taxi service from the airport in Budapest or in Vienna.


You are welcomed in our ProMedicum Guest house. We have 6 cosy modern furnished double rooms, with their own bathrooms. Our Guest house and dentistry are in the same building, so you don’ t have to travel or walk after your treatment.

ProMedicum dental surgery provides you a long term guarantee on all kinds of restoration work. Check the datails at Guarantee

For your convenience our coordinator provides you with the following services during your stay:

  • Warm greetings upon your arrival.
  • A 24 hour phone line for our call out service to assist with any urgent matters.
  • Information about Hungary, Veszprém and the availabe services in the city.
  • Program organisation.

Our patients usually spend 5 workdays on a dental treatment. Treatments require only a couple of hours each day. In the meantime, we take great efforts to make our patients enjoy their free-time by offering them interesting organised programme facilities, which leave them with a storehouse of unforgettable memories. Our excursions to the capital, Budapest, are pretty popular. We visit the most popular places of interest, and enjoy the best shopping facilities in town.


Promedicum Dental Center

8200 Veszprém, Nárcisz utca 2.

+36 88 444 644

+36 30 9463 145



N 47° 5′ 17,74″
E 17° 54′ 22,7″